Hello, my name is Nonku

If you can dream it. You can do it.

Hi! My name is Nonkululeko Hlophe. I am a liker of beautiful things. If you’re interested in beauty, lifestyle, décor and travel join me on this journey.  On this blog I will be sharing my thoughts and opinions on beauty, personal & lifestyle, travel & entertainment and general inspirational notes.  I have created this blog to use as my happy place and hoping what I share on here will be useful to you and yours!

In varsity I took the journey of studying a BA in Corporate Communication and have now embarked on the journey of doing my Honours in Media studies. Although it has proven to be challenging it is definitely my interest. The blogs I write myself will be short and sweet and to the point. I really don’t think certain topics need to be so long ended besides I don’t want to bore you when you can read my blogs and keep it moving honey!

Looking forward to connecting with you!

Email – nonkululekohlophe@gmail.com