Kim Kardashian is Studying Law: Why You Should Consider Studying In 2020

I recently overheard two young women, both around 19 years old debating between themselves whether they should apply to study next year or continue doing the promotions work they do.  They love the promotions work because it pays them more than they know, around R3,000.00 per month and they feel they can earn more as […]

NIVEA Aloe & Hydration Body Lotion Review

A couple of weeks ago I received the Nivea Aloe & Hydration Body Lotion for review from Rubybox. I was selected as one of the influencers to test out the product for a couple of weeks.  I have dry skin especially during winter, so I was really excited to try out this product. The non-sticky, […]

Durex Connect-Ed Drives Safe Sex

The need for young people to make better-informed sexual-health decisions is as great as ever, if society is to reduce inequality and improve quality of life. The Durex CONNECT-ED campaign is embracing this priority, bringing the message of responsible sexual behaviour to schools – starting with Thaba Jabula in Soweto. Approximately 16 million girls aged […]

6 Tips to beat colds and flu this winter

Tis the season to wage war against colds and flu. This winter, being well prepared is key to keeping your family healthy. Dettol presents some tips to keep the coughs and sniffles away this winter: Wash your hands: The most effective way to stop the spread of diseases is by washing your hands with soap […]

First Impressions – SBR Creams Repair Review

I was recently selected by beauty bulletin to be one of the influencers to test out the SBR creams. These products help restore natural oils to keep the skin hydrated and protected against irritants which is exactly what my skin needs because I have really dry skin generally but in winter it’s even worse. I […]

Girl Boss – First Impression Relaxed Hair Products

I recently received Girl Boss hair products to put to the test. The products were specifically for relaxed hair. I have been wanting to try these products out for some time now, so I was very excited when they came in. Now am going to be honest, I am not a person that usually tries […]

Empowering the youth to create an inclusive youth future

Creating an inclusive South Africa is pivotal on the journey to advancing the local talents and needs of the country. Menlyn Park Shopping Centre recognises the role of youth in changing the socio-economic degeneration that have left our future leaders discouraged. It is for this reason that Menlyn Park Shopping Centre will be working with […]

A first digital experience of its kind

Menlyn Park Shopping Center presents the first interactive augmented reality display and a one of its kind experience, this July School Holidays. The AR experience is inspired by the remake of Disney’s Lion King movie, the 1994 original’s 2-D animation is set to be released in July, South Africa. Menlyn Park Shopping centre has partnered […]

Why I Cry When Watching The Comrades Marathon

I will be one of the millions of people around the world who will be up early watching the Comrades 2019 on Sunday 9th June.  My TV will be on SABC 2 all day until the gun sounds off the close of the race. The Comrades Marathon will also covered by SuperSport. I often cry […]

25th Birthday Celebrations

To celebrate my 25th birthday this year I had a picnic out at Gillooly’s Farm in Bedfordview. I had originally wanted to go for a bohemian themed picnic but my deco didn’t quite portray that so I ended up going with a pink and gold theme and in all honesty who would have thought those […]