Duchess Fragrance by Nomcebo Zikode

Moya wam hitmaker launches her own fragrance called Duchess.
Global songstress Nomcebo Zikode has partnered with Jet to launch her own Fragrance Duchess Nomcebo Zikode, an ear of note, an eye of luxury, and a smell of Duchess.

Singer Nomcebo Zikode has launched her own fragrance range in Jet. I am excited to share that Jerusalema and Moya wam hitmaker, Nomcebo Zikode & Jet will be launching an exclusive exciting fragrance range in 100 of the top Jet stores nationwide.

Each fragrance will make the wearer smell and feel like royalty. The ingredients are the best in the world and have been brought in from Switzerland and the bottles have also been designed and made by the finest Italian craftsmen.
The Duchess range is available in-store. The best the world is yet to see has been brought together with true African flair to create the Duchess Fragrance range – Duchess – your perfume to impress
The fragrance range is formed by the following:
A modern fresh, feminine fragrance
A playful yet sophisticated scent.
A world-class fragrance for the fashion-forward.

I received this lovely fragrance in a press drop the second week of December and I have been using it since then which would be about 4 weeks now. I am such a lover of beautiful packaging and I really fell in love with this one, the bottle really gives a feel of a beautiful luxury bottle.  The perfume bottle is well designed and the size fits perfectly in my hand. I am also able to carry the perfume in my bag.

It smells absolutely divine, for me the blackcurrant buds and vanilla really comes through the most. I have found though that it doesn’t last that long on me, I love a long-lasting perfume, I love perfume to follow me as well as I walk in the room. So I carry the bottle with me everywhere I go so that I can give myself an extra spray or two should I feel I need to.

The perfume in my opinion is lightweight, so if you don’t really like a heavy smell of perfume on you, I would definitely recommend this. The price, in my opinion, is also really affordable, it retails for R129,00.

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