Introduction: Something New

“The beginning is always today.” —Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley

I have thought about this for quite sometime now, I just never had enough courage to actually follow through with it, in my final year of studying BA in Corporate Communication we were tasked with a blogging assignment and be honest I wasn’t really interested with it then, until now. I am currently working Public Relations and have been for a while and loving it!

 The interest mostly came from looking for a platform to express my thoughts and opinions as well as sharing this with my others. As I evolve in the journey, I am really hoping to learn a lot as I go and grow from this experience, I believe you never stop learning and this can be in any and every possible way.

I am looking forward to engaging and for us to grow together through the journey of this blog. I will be sharing content such as Lifestyle & Personal, Travel & Entertainment and Beauty and some other general inspirations I come across along the way.

This in no way a rigid blog, I am really opened to hearing your opinions and thoughts along the way.

Looking forward to connecting with you

-Melanated Girl fffffffff

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