The one country I have travelled to countless times has to be Swaziland is small country and is what is known as a ‘locked’ country because it is surrounded by Mozambique borders and South African borders. Swaziland is still ruled by a monarchy one of the very few countries in African still to be ruled by a monarchy the other include Lesotho and Morocco. Swaziland, officially the Kingdom of eSwatini, means “Land of the Swazis”.

Swaziland has always been a land which has been ruled by kings. Swaziland is truly a friendly country, it is full of kind Swazi’s. I have family there so every now and then I take a trip to visit the country and I was always amazed by the language and how deep in their culture they are. The people are truly invested in their Swazi culture. I have also come to learn that the siSwati language I speak is somehow very different to the language they speak in Swaziland, I can’t really explain it, but it is different LOL, whenever I go there, I always feel like I am speaking fake Swati. But honestly Swaziland really does make me feel like I am at home, it’s a place I love using to escape the city for a while. The network in Swaziland is MTN of which I do have a simcard but literally when I go there I become unconnected with the world and it is feeling I absolutely love.

I usually visit family in Matsaphha and Mbabane. If you are looking for a different vibe and fresh air, I would really recommend visiting Swaziland. A while ago I had the honour of adding Umtsimba(wedding), it was honestly such a beautiful ceremony, I got to wear my cultural wear and everything .

Swazi Traditional Wear

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