A mini getaway: Suncity

I have been never been to Sun city until December 2018. A friend of mine was celebrating her birthday and wanted to go there for the weekend. We had only started planning this very late in November so you can imagine that everything was fully booked. We called countless places to find out if they had accommodation and most of them were fully booked. However we did go for the day (Saturday) we left really early in the morning and we spent the whole day there. Which honestly was amazing. Sun City is great! However, I do have some tips which I have below for planning for a holiday in advance:

  • Try avoid peak dates and times to travel (I was without accommodation because of this)
  • Start as early as possible (This is something I definitely plan on doing this next time)
  • Look for accommodation in surrounding areas (This is what we did for Suncity we looked into places such as Brits and Rustenburg which have affordable BNBs which means you save of accommodation and you have more spend money)
  • Really take your time when looking for a holiday destination. SA has so many really affordable places
  • It is also more affordable when you go in a group as you can split costs (It’s not always the most ideal situation therefore it vital you go with reliable people)
  • Even if it just you and your partner you can still make it affordable between the two of you
Bae and I
Girls having fun


Well done! This is such beautiful ❤️ #blackhirlmagic stay winning Lexie…

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Thank you girl


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