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I had my first experience with online shopping on Mr Price. It wasn’t the first time I had done online shopping though. However, I have always been very weary of online shopping. I am just not as fully comfortable with it as yet although it really has it’s perks. Some of my thoughts on online shopping below:

  • I genuinely like the idea of being able to try on clothes and find the right fit. I find for me with online shopping it eliminates that element which is a great thing for some people.
  • Online shopping also eliminates the process of fitting room lines and paying lines
  • Th process of taking back clothes which are purchased online is an admin process on its own but so is taking clothes back in-store because if you don’t have a slip they can make it difficult

When I got to the store to collect my purchase could not be found. They do have this nifty service where by you scan your bar code and it opens the drawer with your order however I did not receive a bar code. The consultant who helped me tried her best to assist only to find my purchase was there it was just in a different place. Grateful they found it, I took my clothes and couldn’t wait to try them on at home. Got home tried them and of course some did fit well and others didn’t. So the following day I took them back and I was able to rather exchange at the store. Some of the items I could find in my size so I took something different to replace it.

There are some internal process which I think they could still work which can improve the collecting in store element.
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Some of the items I got below:

  • High waisted skinny jean
  • Strip wrap jumpsuit
  • Paperbag Pants
  • Off should top – returned
  • Henley white lace top
  • Check Blazer – returned
  • Platform blockheel
  • Bow Pumps
  • Fluffy waist bag
Paperbag pants
High waisted skinny jeans
Block Heels

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